Hunting and Outdoors Partnership 2021 Announcement

BladesWork Unlimited is proud to announce its partnership with the Southern Outdoorsmen!

A custom hunting knife and a good hunt go together like Chinese food and chocolate pudding… or peanut butter and jelly, depending on your movie preference.

Many of us here at BladesWork Unlimited are, like you, avid hunters and outdoorsmen and women. But that doesn’t mean we are experts in the calling in that prized animal. Luckily for us (and you, most importantly), the guys over at Southern Outdoorsmen spend tireless hours putting together efficient scouting reports and bringing in the local legends to help you plan the hunt of the year. From discussing wind patterns to bringing on fans to tell their hunting success stories, there is something for every hunter and custom knife owner in each episode.

Keep your eyes peeled for more collaboration, and visit the Southern Outdoorsmen here to take a listen to their podcast and a few of their articles! Who knows, you might even find a discount code amongst their podcasts to help outfit yourself with a new custom knife before your next hunting trip…

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