How it Works

Apply to be a Vendor

We do not sell garbage on this site. In order to be approved for a vendor account, you must pass a test. Upload two quality photos of your work. If approved, you will be notified within one business day!

Upload your products

It’s super simple. You have your own webstore with your own products. Upload GOOD photos of your blades, create a unique description, and publish! Takes less than 5 minutes to get a product ready to sell.

Sell and make money

Your product will automatically be entered into our massive store! When it sells, you get paid. Do you only make custom work? That’s GREAT! We help you by providing a deposit option and a safe and secure webstore to sell on. No more sending out your email address to get paid.



Have you ever been told, “You should create your own website”, or “Do you have a website?”, or “Yeah you’re website is ok”, then you get charged $30 per month for use and didn’t even sell anything on it? Plus you have to pay PayPal or other service fees and it comes out of your own pocket. 

Let us be your website. Shut the other thing down. Stop wasting your money and let us spend ours to get you what you want. You want to make knives, not focus on web development and marketing! We specialize in three things: Marketing, Webdevelopment, and expanding your customer base. So sign up, and let us make you some money.


After you make a sale, you are charged a percentage fee based on your current package. Currently, we are building our subscription package and our “Carbon” package is available for a fee of 15% at this time. There are no hidden costs, no seller’s fee added on to the commission, etc. Oh, and we promote you! We will use our Instagram and Facebook following to promote your work for free. We will rotate through our Bladesmiths, but if you get approved for an account, you’ve made it to the world of free promotion.

What are you waiting for? Let us do your marketing.

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