The Wharncliffe Custom Knife EDC


The Wharncliffe Custom Knife EDC style blade has a straight edge like no other! It’s ability to precisely cut is what it is made for. The Muti-cam G10 handle gives it a contrast that just screams “TAKE ME WITH YOU AND SHOW ME OFF” to all your camping buddies or hunting friends. You’ll want this on you all day. With stainless steel and this combo of handle, there is nothing that can go wrong. Comes with a leather sheath so what else is stopping yoy from taking this masterpiece home? Nothing is the answer. You’ll not find another one like this for the price anywhere else. Just add it to your cart and let us do the rest. Dave Santini brings you this absolutely incredible work that you’ll want to carry on your belt and show off to everyone you see. It’s a one of a kind piece that fits every hand “LIKE A GLOVE”. The color contrast between the handle and the stainless steel gives a wonderful flashy, yet subtle look to the handle and steel. You’ll just want to take it out and use it on those boxes. Just do it. You know you want to if you’ve gotten this far.

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