Kitchen Ulu


Handmade from 100+ year old sawmill blades


-6”x2-1/2”x1/8” tapered blade

-4-3/4×1” 3-pin handle


Handle options:

-exotic hardwood

-deer Antler

-Micarta primary colors

-3/16 brass pins

-stainless/copper pins


Blade Finish Options:

-hand polish to 800 grit

-satin bead-blast & polish

-Hamon line/differential HT


Base/Stand Options:

-5”x2-1/2×3/4 sanded oak

-PNW Driftwood


*Knives should be cleaned and washed by hand only.


*After washing, dry knife and use food-grade mineral oil for blade care.


These are built to order so we can configure to almost any style or finish, just ask!

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