BladesWork Knife Oil & Lubricant 2oz Bottle


  • BladesWork Knife Oil & Lubricant 2oz Bottle is your solution to rust prevention and general maintenance for all your knives! Our knife oil works on any type of blade. It’s a perfect solution for all rust prevention and protection from wear and tear! Our knife oil is specifically designed for all kitchen knives and is food-grade safe! But WAIT…you can also use it for lubricant of those joints on folders too! A bit sticky? Just put this in your cart.
  • Our oil is made up of organic camellia oil (also known as Tsubaki oil from Japan) and a blend of refined mineral oil with food-grade purity. It is completely tasteless and odorless and can be used for all types of maintenance.
  • Can our oil be used on wood? YES! Do you have that old cutting board that needs some LOVE? Put some of our oil on it and watch it go from used to “like new” in seconds! Because it is food-grade and safe to use in your kitchen, the use of this oil is endless.
  • BladesWork Knife Oil & Lubricant 2oz Bottle is blended together, boxed, and shipped by our BladesWork team, so when you get your package, you know it’s made by a company you trust.

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