Q: How long until my order ships? A: 1-3 business days if the maker has it in stock. If the order is being custom made, it will depend on the makers personal lead time.

Q: What is lead time? A: A custom maker accepts orders and deposits for custom pieces, if you order a blade under a 6 week lead time, for example, it will take the maker 6 weeks to make your order. Your order will then be shipped 1-3 business days after.

Q: How can I contact my knife maker? A: There are multiple ways. If they have their email on their store, you may email them directly. You may also use the chat feature from their store or from the item of interest and instant message them. They will receive a notification and you two can leave that channel open for as long as you like!

Q: What is the service fee? A: The service fee is the 2.9% + .30 charge that the credit card companies charge each of the sales. In order to drop the commission for the smiths, we will charge the buyer the amount and then reimburse the smith for that amount. 

Q: Are all the sellers legitimate knife makers? A: YES! Each one has been personally talked to and evaluated to be able to sell on this site.

Q: Can I get a coupon code? A: Our company will provide coupon codes BUT the makers have their own coupon codes for their individual stores. If the maker wants to provide coupons, they will do so individually.