Definitive Guide to Custom Culinary Cutlery and Kitchen Knives – June 2021

Custom Kitchen Knife Headline Photo

Thinking about cooking without good kitchen knives, huh??

Whether you have a brand new kitchen (or the ol’ tried-and-true) and are anything like a human stuck inside during a pandemic (almost there..), you likely have recently become an amateur, albeit celebrity, chef. I, myself, have tried my hand at it, and let me tell you, my wife absolutely loves it (please don’t ask her). What I quickly found out was that the keys to success for a budding home chef were threefold:
1) Fresh Ingredients. Seems self-explanatory.
2) A few simple techniques. Usually a cook book and YouTube will do you good here.
3) Some tools of a fairly advanced quality.

#3 is where I want to spend some time.
There is a distinct reason for this, I can tell you. For most, that reason becomes distinctly clear when you send your first grape tomato flying across the kitchen at terminal velocity and your dog loses his mind. All due to a run-of-the-mill, dull, store bought kitchen knives.
If that has not happened to you, count your blessings, read this article, and save your furry friend’s little heart. If it has, well, I am here to prevent reoccurrence!
Custom Kitchen Knife Example
The kitchen knife is arguably the most important tool in your culinary arsenal; for a multitude of reasons. They not only allow you to cut your ingredients, but to shape and carve them into a perfectly presentable dish. Sharp kitchen knives allow for control, for comfort, and for expert precision. Scalpel-esque movements aren’t monopolized by brain surgeons, ya know.

These are aspects most kitchen knives provide, at least initially out of the box. Out-of-the-box is only a temporary tag, however, and after that, most big brand knives lose their luster; and edge.
This is where illustrious custom kitchen knives come in. A custom kitchen knife is guaranteed to remain resilient, maintain edge sharpness longer, and provide more hand comfort than your typical set of kitchen knives. This is simply because of their nature; they were built with you, the amateur chef, in mind. Not just any amateur chef too, mind you: literally you. Hence the custom kitchen knives moniker.
No more will grape tomatoes become ruthless projectiles, not with a set of custom kitchen knives. Those little guys will cut as if they wanted to multiply into smaller versions. You certainly won’t be pausing every 10 minutes to stretch your hand, because that custom kitchen knife will provide hand comfort the likes of which Emeril can appreciate.
You are an artist; in our opinion anyways. And I bet that handmade risotto tastes great. No, really I do. I just think it could taste ever better with some fresh vegetables and bell peppers, hand cut *easily* with a custom kitchen knife. A phenomenal tool like this with you in the kitchen not only adds great flavor, but a little pizzazz to your dish. Trust me, I am a user myself (reference: wife).

We could discuss the merits all day, but what are custom kitchen knives actually like?

I am glad you asked. The Forge Team at BladesWork Unlimited has been hard at work producing custom kitchen knives and templates to hand make, just for you, our favorite amateur chef. Below are a few of my, personally, favorite examples:
Custom Damascus Chef Knife

Integral Damascus Custom Kitchen Knife

We’re starting with the home run of custom kitchen knives. Simply because, having held one of these in my hand personally, I can tell you it might actually make you better at cooking just holding it. This Damascus steel custom kitchen knife is produced by one our top bladesmiths and can be customized to fit your exact specifications. With a short turnaround time for such a quality knife, this will likely be the only one you need for a long, long… long time.
WA Gyuto Custom Kitchen Knife

WA Handled Gyuto Custom Kitchen Knife

Maybe you’ve decided to dabble is sushi chef-dom, or maybe you simply prefer to wield you kitchen cutlery like a 12th century samurai (we’re working on our head band offering). Either way, this Gyuto kitchen knife from Jeremy Bartlett (a prominent Forge Team member) is sure to suit your kitchen well. Made with quality steel and unique wood handles, this custom kitchen knife will make you the prominent chef of the cul-de-sac.
Custom Kitchen Knives Set - Damascus

Integral Damascus Custom Kitchen Set

If you’ve made it this far into the blog, you deserve this. This is the big one, the pinnacle, the (insert fancy French word here). You will never need another kitchen knife again with this set of beautiful custom kitchen cutlery. From the sleek modern kitchen, to the backyard BBQ, even Salt Bae wants a piece of these sharp fellas. Coming complete with an ironwood knife block, and each designed custom to meet your needs, you will have stepped into the big leagues of the culinary world with this custom Damascus set. Go ahead, be the envy of the kitchen world.
And that’s that. As always, I am more than ready to discuss this at length, but we all have places to go, and ingredients to cut. If you want to see all our options check out the custom kitchen selection here, and remember, sometimes you can only be as good as the tools your bring to the game!
Happy cooking!

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