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Custom knives, cutlery, and handmade tools have a tremendous community surrounding them.  BladesWork Unlimited is both a proud member and steward of this custom community, and derive our core values from this purpose.  Our primary values of “Trust and Quality” translate directly to our customers.  We are here for you.  This is not just a job for us, it is a passion and lifestyle. Our promise to you is top notch quality and service, from core team to bladesmith.  Our custom knife makers are qualified via our patented craftsmanship review process.  You can be assured you are buying a quality item which will last for generations. 


Everything we do in life has a purpose, whether it be waking up early to take that morning run or heading to the studio to create a masterpiece. BladesWork Unlimited is no different. Our company’s mission statement is simple:

“To provide customers with a service they can trust, embracing the community, and make a one-of-a kind, enjoyable experience in order to place a custom knife in capable hands.”


BladesWork Unlimited was founded in November 2018 with the simple idea of creating a Facebook page to promote custom knife makers from around the world.  After seeing how the custom community reacted, we felt there was a need in the community of custom knife makers for a service.

The response was unbelievable, and we are happy to help the custom knife makers that wanted to demonstrate their talent.  We established a platform to showcase their work and promote the “little guy” for free.

Because that is what America is about, right?  Supporting small business and lifting up those around you.  That is at the heart of BladesWork Unlimited’s founding and principles.


Christian Helms – Founder of BladesWork Unlimited and US Marine. Christian’s passion is for knives. He is a custom knife maker and has been from the moment he hit his first hot steel on a dumbbell (didn’t have an anvil) and made his first knife out of Home Depot steel. Christian brings the passion to the business, understanding the community, and knowing what a good knife is.

*We do not offer Home Depot steel knives here.  We, luckily, have outgrown that*

Robert “Bo” Plante – Co-founder of BladesWork Unlimited, and also a US Marine.  Bo joined the business in November of 2019 after a long car ride with Christian and recognizing the potential behind this custom community.  Bo is the MBA on the team, and brings the business to life with his knowledge in the business world and drive for ideas.

Abilene Helms – Co-founder of BladesWork Unlimited. She brings balance to our custom team here at BladesWork Unlimited.  Abilene brings the realism to the business and enables a passion and dream for the company to become a reality.


Having Problems? Please contact our service team at 804-596-9386 or support@bladeswork.com