Custom EDC Knives On A Budget – 2021 Edition

Finding custom EDC knives that don’t decimate the piggy bank is, in fact, possible…

Chances are, if you found yourself here, it is because you are like us and cannot help but marvel at the custom EDC knives that just get the job done, every time. Who can blame you? A one of a kind knife from a custom knife maker is a thing of beauty; and sometimes the cost can reflect that. Given these tumultuous times (this thing is almost over, I swear…), living on a tight budget is becoming more common than usual. That certainly doesn’t mean you can’t get the badass, custom EDC knives you have been eyeing, however. Below is a list the Certified Cutters of Things (CCT, real qualification) at BladesWork Unlimited have identified as high quality custom knives for a more affordable price.

We utilized our patented 5-Featured approach to judging these budget custom EDC knives, which you can find explained in here.

The 1095 custom EDC knife from Norse Dragon Fire & Forge does not need a fancy name, or any of the fanfare that comes with fancy steel. This knife is about as blue collar and tough as it gets, while still letting you choose the paracord color custom knife handle you desire. For $135 you can’t ask for much more in the way of edge retention, duration of hard use, and appropriateness for just about any task you can imagine. We highly recommend you add this cord-slinging EDC to your rotation as soon as possible!

The Lil Havocs is a top seller at BWU, and for good reason. At an affordable price point of $150 and extremely customizable, this lightweight, 6″ blade length custom EDC knife has yet to meet a job it can’t cut through with ease. Coming complete with a custom sheath made from kydex and multiple handle/finish options, this budget custom knife from the custom knife maker at Dunn’s Forge can fit anywhere from the purse to the waist belt. Perfect for all aspects outdoors and hunting due to extraordinary hard use duration and hand feel. Grab yours as soon as possible!

Not necessarily in the custom EDC knives category, per se. But who doesn’t think carrying a custom tomahawk is cool? We do. Plus, at priced at $150, this made-to-order custom tomahawk is a tough bladed hand tool to beat.


Buying custom EDC knives or custom EDC knife sets should not break your bank. Our custom knife makers here at BladeWork Unlimited have a ton of great custom EDC knives for any budget and taste. These are just a few of the tried and true custom knives our team recommends. If nothing here caught your eye, the good news is this list certainly is not comprehensive, and is just a starting point if you have a few bucks burning a hole in your pocket. If you are looking for something a bit more fixed, or specialized, be sure to check out our full shop here, or really treat yourself and use our one-of-a-kind Build A Blade system to create a custom knife made specifically for you by our top custom knife makers. Why not? After all, it is tax return season.

Don’t forget to check out our partners over at Southern Outdoorsmen for their recommendations as well!

Check back soon for more lists, and as always, cut safe!



Bo is the co-founder and Vice-President of  Most importantly, he is head of cutting things at BWU.  Besides that, he does hunt, fish, watch Bruce lee movies, and a number of other activities that require large amounts of blade usage. Primarily, he handles numbers and tries to keep the staff from getting overexcited and attempt to cook lunch in the nearest company furnace.

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