BladesWork Unlimited Partners with Sezzle to Offer Flexible Payment Plans

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The custom cutlery industry’s first flexible payment plan system is now available on all products in the BladesWork Unlimited marketplace with Sezzle!

The team at BladesWork Unlimited is excited to announce its new partnership with Sezzle; the customer-focused online payment platform that allows you to pay for your order in 4 easy installment payments, spread over a 6 week period!

Our goal here at BladesWork Unlimited has always been to bring the finest quality craftsmanship in the custom cutlery industry to you at a fair, affordable price. Now with Sezzle integrated into our marketplace and Build-A-Blade, you have a flexible option for payment that matches the forging time of our custom designs!

Using Sezzle in the marketplace is easy! Simply look for the marker below to determine what the biweekly payments will be:

Sezzle in the Custom Cutlery Marketplace
$100 payments for that knife?? Not too bad at all…

Once you’ve selected the perfect piece of custom cutlery or tool you’ve been searching for, simply add it to your cart, and check the box for the Sezzle option at payment! If it is your first time using this platform, it will simply ask you to create an account and submit your payment information; 5 minutes or less!

Boom! Just like that, your payment plan is established just as our forge starts heating up! For our most challenging custom cutlery forges the lead time can take up to 6 weeks (Gotta make sure that knife last, after all..), which means your custom build will arrive just as you complete your last payment! Plus, Sezzle is 100% secure and guarantees payment protection! See more here for their terms and conditions.

No excuse now, we know you’ve been eyeing that custom knife for awhile now. Might as well join us in the forge, courtesy of Sezzle flexible payment plans!

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