Buying a Custom Knife With “Face” – Why Your Next Knife in 2021 Needs To Own Its Look

Buying a Custom Knife - SR Hunter Lt

A great custom knife is going to have a face. With Halloween in the rear view mirror, I’m not talking about buying a custom knife with a mask. I’m talking face.

What’s face, you ask? I suppose that’s a fair question. We all know buying a custom knife is a decision that should not be taken lightly, and there are a multitude of factors that should be considered (i.e. type, material, use, etc etc; see our blog library for tips and tricks!) Understanding what buying a custom knife with face means requires defining exactly what and how a custom knife gains its ‘face.’

A custom knife’s face is the design, or style, that is recognizable by a large number of knife enthusiasts as having come from the forge of a specific bladesmith. Face, in this instance then, is the unmistakable style of the custom knife maker in question.

Spoon River Pro Hunter
Whole lotta face coming out of Spoon River…

If you’re thinking “what an odd term..” you’re not alone, but this is very popular concept among the blade community as a whole, even receiving some mention in high profile publications like BLADE magazine. Typically, the unspoken rule is that for a knife to acquire ‘face’ it must meet two standard provisions. One, is what I spoke about above, it must be recognizable in design or style by a number of sharp object adoring fans. Gaining one or two fans is easy, I did that just by letting Christian stick my hand in the oven; but gaining a number of followers who can recognize your work is no easy feat, and only the top bladesmiths can achieve this first rule of face.

Popular designs and styles are going to be copied, however. Imitation is the best form of flattery, after all, even in the forge. Which leads us to the second rule of face: Despite emulations, the custom knife from the original maker will be identifiable in the production of the custom knife. This means you stack up a Dustin Rhodes Forge Works custom knife among a bunch of replica Shark Fin Hunters, you’ll be able to pick the original.

Dustin Rhodes - Classic Hunter
Look at all that Face, who couldn’t pick that out??

Buying a custom knife is an investment, and you want to make sure that your knife is not only the most popular tool on the block, but also comes from the original forge it was designed in. Luckily for you, BladesWork Unlimited specializes in face: every bladesmith on our site is vetted, popular maker sporting their own designs. Nothing stamped out here, you’ll find more recognizable face than you did last halloween.

Or, design your own custom knife with your personal recognizable style at the Build-A-Blade workshop here.

We would also like to take this time to welcome the newest addition to the BWU Forge Team, Spoon River Blades! Check out his store and the amazing designs offered! Buying a custom knife has never been easier!

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