Build-A-Blade 2.0: Bringing Custom Knife Creation to 2021

Build-A-Blade logo showing different types of custom knives
The first of its kind custom knife generation software just got a facelift!

Ever created your dream car on a manufacturer’s customizable design portal…?

We have… a lot. Maybe a few times a week in high school, possibly every time the spouse is out of the house.. but who’s counting?

I digress. If any of the above applies to you, we have great news!! Our proprietary Build-A-Blade engine just got an update, and its a big one. Build-A-Blade is now offers the ability to visually build the custom knife you have always dreamt about; with 3 basic knife types, over 6 different handle materials, and 3 separate finishes available for your custom knife!

Build-A-Blade now brings you even more of the excitement and adrenaline-rush of building a one-of-a-kind, custom knife by showing you exactly what will emerge from the fires of a BladesWork Unlimited Forge!

Want a camp knife with a tan Micarta handle and an acid wash finish? Can do. Looking to strap a custom EDC knife on your hip that has steel corby pins inlaid on a desert ironwood handle and topped off with a stainless steel finish? Too Easy Build away. Build-A-Blade is guaranteed to have something for you!

So go ahead, head over to Build-A-Blade now and start building your one-of-a-kind, handmade, fit to you, custom knife. It’s coming from a BladesWork Unlimited forge, so you know it will be the last knife you’ll ever need*.

Disclaimer: This does not mean it will be the last one you want, trust us..

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