The Best Groomsmen Gift

Best groomsmen gifts

“Here comes the bride, with groomsmen by her side.” Bet you haven’t heard that one before, eh? The history of groomsmen isn’t a bromantic as you might think.  Groomsmen aided the groom-to-be with kidnapping his chosen bride. These men would arm themselves against the bride-to-be’s family so the marriage would succeed. Groomsmen were also responsible for protecting the bride and groom from any objections. (Read: destroy anyone who got in their way). This included evil spirits, mothers-in-law, and tacky wedding traditions. Okay, actually, groomsmen are pretty bromantic. Who else would help kidnap the love of your life, guard you against her family, and fend off evil spirits? Obviously, there needs to be a gift to show them your eternal gratitude. Thus, the groomsmen’s gift is born! 

Fast forward to the year 2021. You can’t go around stealing your bride or fighting someone for your love’s hand in marriage, and the chances of you or your bride needing protection at your wedding is little to none. Still, you know the men standing by your side will fight a bear to protect you, hell, they’ll fight the bride’s family if it comes down to it, and let’s face it, sometimes it does. What better groomsman gift than a custom-made knife to seal the deal? Like this one. For $250 you’re not going to break the bank, but it’s a gift the boys will never forget. Make it memorable, get the knife.

The Panther

$250 – The boys would love this slick, all black beauty.

Or, think of this: it is your wedding day. You are getting ready with your groomsmen. Your wife-to-be wanted a summer wedding out on a ranch, and you men got stuck in the only room with no air conditioning. At least you have fans. You are dressed from tie to toe, ready to head to the chapel, but wanted to cool the sweat from sitting in a sauna with a tux on. You stand in front of the fan when BAM! one of your groomsmen bumps you into the fan while trying to cool his junk before walking down the aisle with a bridesmaid who is set on finding her soulmate at this wedding. Your tie gets pulled into the fan. Just as you start gasping for air, you see your best man unsheathe the knife you gave him. He raises it valiantly in the air and slices the tie, freeing you from near death and saving your wedding. Luckily you had given him this “Rancher” style blade as the best groomsman gift. We know the chances of getting your tie stuck in a fan is slim, but never zero. For $280 your life was saved. Solid purchase and great groomsman gift.

The Rancher

Best $280 your wallet will ever get rid of. You didn’t need it anyways

The happy couple has successfully dodged a family feud and evaded near death. What else can a knife prevent? A wedding cake faux pas, that’s what! You are there standing in front of your friends and family. It’s time to cut the cake and get the party started. Suddenly your wife looks at you with huge eyes and exclaims, “I forgot our knife I bought from Macy’s!” You turn to the wedding planner, but all she can offer are raised hands and a smile that says, “I’m sorry, I cannot help.” You turn back around, and standing in front of you are your groomsmen, ever at the ready in a time of crisis, each holding the knife you gave them. Or, if you ditch William Sonoma and Macy’s for wedding cutlery, you could be ready with this custom Damascus chef knife. Any way you look at it, a custom knife makes the cut as the best groomsman gift to give.

Damascus Chef Knife

$800 – But you’ll never have to buy another knife for the kitchen. Your wife will LOVE you.

It’s garter time! Your wife is on the chair, the music is playing (perhaps the imperial march from Star Wars). You have finally found your way underneath all the layers of lace and dress. As tradition demands, you try to pull the garter down with your teeth. However, after a few minutes, you start to struggle. Suddenly your best man pops up next to you with his custom knife, ready to cut the garter free. You two make eye contact, nod in mutual understanding, and you punch him square in the face because he’s looking under your wife’s dress. There are some things a groomsman does not need to help you with. 

Look, not all scenarios call for a knife, but better to have a knife and not need it than need it and not have it. Whether it’s saving your wedding day or on your annual brotherly hunting trip, your groomsman will appreciate their custom made knife. Get the knife: the best groomsman gift you’ll ever give.

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