Best Custom Hunting Knives for the 2021 Season

Best Hunting Knives in 2021
A good hunter lets nothing go to waste.. a good custom hunting knife helps with that

Name one successful hunter who’s left the house before the crack of dawn without setting their gear and hunting knives up, I’ll wait…

No names coming to mind? That’s because anyone who has ever spent a day in woods waiting for that passing opportunity knows that preparation is about as important as the shot itself. That means packing out custom hunting knives that can last as long as you can out in the wilderness.

With turkey season opening in many southern states, and around the corner for many of us in the North, it’s about time to start putting that 2021 kit together; and here at BladesWork Unlimited we’ve worked hard to ensure our custom knife makers are forging out only the toughest of custom hunting knives.

So whether you bow, spear or rifle hunt, check out this list of our definitive custom hunting knives you need to add to your gear for the 2021 hunting season!

Custom Hunting Knife - Warhorse 2.0
As the name suggests, few knives will work harder than this blade out of Dunn’s Forge

Warhorse 2.0

Sergeant Reckless was a hero of WWI, and also a horse. While we can’t forge a horse for you, Dunn’s Forge has got the next best thing, the Warhorse 2.0. Made of quality 1095 hi-carbon steel and coming in at a length of 3-4″, this is a custom hunting knife that will make processing even the biggest of game a breeze. Big game hunts require big game equipment, and the Warhorse 2.0 is ready to live up to its name.
Also available in Amboyna Burl.

Trail Boss - Custom Hunting Knives 2021
As the saying goes, you’ve gotta look good to play good. The Trail Boss is designed with this in mind

Trail Boss

We have a running challenge here at the BladesWork Unlimited Forge: Watch one episode of Yellowstone and try not to buy the Trail Boss. So far, the Trail Boss has reigned supreme among custom hunting knives. Forged out of CPM 154 steel with a handled chiseled out of redwood burl, the Trail Boss is the total package of looks and toughness. So next time you don your fringe jacket, sling your Henry Repeater, and depart in search of that next trophy buck, make sure you have the Trail Boss swinging from you hip in its custom cowhide sheath.
Plus, it is currently $100 off for a limited time!

Classic Hunter - Custom Hunitng knives 2021
Sometimes a fancy name just gets in the way of getting the job done..

Classic Hunter

Pomp and circumstance are for politicians and movie stars, not custom hunting knives. Those of us who spend our best days in the great outdoors with our baser instincts just need a custom hunting knife that will get the job done.
That is exactly what this classic take on the original hunting knives from Dustin Rhodes is; a custom hunting knife that does its job, frills and excess be damned. Affordable, yet sturdy as ever with its 1095 steel and Bocote handle, this custom hunting knife is everything you need it to be, and nothing you don’t.

San Mai Hunter - Custom hunting Knives 2021
Being a woodsman doesn’t mean you can’t expand your cultural horizons… or cut things really well

San Mai Hunter

Some of the best hunters during the medieval ages were the Samurai warriors of Japan; predominantly due to the abundance of deer and their beliefs in honorable hunting practices. Naturally, some of the most efficient custom hunting knives the world has seen originated from these phenomenal hunters, and the San Mai design is the top of this class.
This modernized San Mai design from the McJilton Forge has 300 years of history on its side, plus the strength of modern forging practices. Nothing wrong with achieving oneness with your next hunting excursion, and this custom hunting knife is a step in the right direction!

Classic Bowie - Custom Hunting Knives 2021
If you thought for one second we wouldn’t include a Bowie, you were dead wrong

Classic Bowie

Come on, you knew this was coming. What American-owned, patriotic company wouldn’t included this staple of American hunting in a definitive hunting knife list? Certainly not us, and we have just the custom Bowie knife you need to take down that next hunt, and look like a burly American doing it.
This classic Bowie can come in any type of steel you’d like, but we recommend the beautiful Damascus steel picture above. A custom Bowie knife has never met an animal it couldn’t dress, nor a task it couldn’t stare down. This is a top among custom hunting knives. Hang one from your kit and get back in the woods, soldier.

So there you have it, a great definitive, yet starter, list of custom hunting knives to get you on the right track for the 2021 hunting season. This is hardly our full offering, and if you want to see more head to our hunting category and check out the rest of our custom hunting knives selection. Good luck, we’ll see you out there!

If you purchase one of our hunting knives and have a successful hunt, please send us your photos to We love featuring our community and showing off your badass custom hunting knife!

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